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What to see in China

Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing and Shenyang
In Shenyang, it has been inscribed as an extension of the Imperial Palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties site inscribed in 1987. The property is now to be known as the Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing and Shenyang. The Imperial Palace of the Qing Dynasty in Shenyang consists of 114 buildings, constructed between 1625-26 and 1783.

Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties

It contains an important library and testifies to the foundation of the last dynasty that ruled China, before it expanded its power to the centre of the country and moved the capital to Beijing. This palace then became auxiliary to the Imperial Palace in Beijing. This remarkable architectural edifice offers important historical testimony to the history of the Qing Dynasty and to the cultural traditions of the Manchu and other tribes in the north of China.

Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains
The palaces and temples which form the nucleus of this group of secular and religious buildings exemplify the architectural and artistic achievements of China's Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains

Situated in the scenic valleys and on the slopes of the Wudang mountains in Hubei Province, the site, which was built as an organized complex during the Ming dynasty (14th–17th centuries), contains Taoist buildings from as early as the 7th century. It represents the highest standards of Chinese art and architecture over a period of nearly 1,000 years.

Temple of Heaven: an Imperial Sacrificial Altar in Beijing
The Temple of Heaven, founded in the first half of the 15th century, is a dignified complex of fine cult buildings set in gardens and surrounded by historic pine woods.

Temple of Heaven

In its overall layout and that of its individual buildings, it symbolizes the relationship between earth and heaven – the human world and God's world – which stands at the heart of Chinese cosmogony, and also the special role played by the emperors within that relationship.

The Great Wall
In c. 220 B.C., under Qin Shi Huang, sections of earlier fortifications were joined together to form a united defence system against invasions from the north. Construction continued up to the Ming dynasty (1368–1644), when the Great Wall became the world's largest military structure.

The Great Wall

Its historic and strategic importance is matched only by its architectural significance.

Classical Gardens of Suzhou
Classical Chinese garden design, which seeks to recreate natural landscapes in miniature, is nowhere better illustrated than in the nine gardens in the historic city of Suzhou.

Classical Gardens of Suzhou

They are generally acknowledged to be masterpieces of the genre. Dating from the 11th-19th century, the gardens reflect the profound metaphysical importance of natural beauty in Chinese culture in their meticulous design.

Longmen Grottoes
China, Luoyang City, Henan Province
The grottoes and niches of Longmen contain the largest and most impressive collection of Chinese art of the late Northern Wei and Tang Dynasties (316-907).

Longmen Grottoes

These works, entirely devoted to the Buddhist religion, represent the high point of Chinese stone carving.

Historic Centre of Macao
Macao, a lucrative port of strategic importance in the development of international trade, was under Portuguese administration from the mid 16th century until 1999, when it came under Chinese sovereignty.

Historic Centre of Macao

With its historic street, residential, religious and public Portuguese and Chinese buildings, the historic centre of Macao provides a unique testimony to the meeting of aesthetic, cultural, architectural and technological influences from East and West. The site also contains a fortress and a lighthouse, which is the oldest in China. The site bears testimony to one of the earliest and longest-lasting encounters between China and the West based on the vibrancy of international trade.

Summer Palace, an Imperial Garden in Beijing
The Summer Palace in Beijing – first built in 1750, largely destroyed in the war of 1860 and restored on its original foundations in 1886 – is a masterpiece of Chinese landscape garden design.

Summer Palace, an Imperial Garden in Beijing

The natural landscape of hills and open water is combined with artificial features such as pavilions, halls, palaces, temples and bridges to form a harmonious ensemble of outstanding aesthetic value.

Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor
No doubt thousands of statues still remain to be unearthed at this archaeological site, which was not discovered until 1974. Qin (d. 210 B.C.), the first unifier of China, is buried, surrounded by the famous terracotta warriors, at the centre of a complex designed to mirror the urban plan of the capital, Xianyan.

Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor

The small figures are all different; with their horses, chariots and weapons, they are masterpieces of realism and also of great historical interest.

Mountain Resort and its Outlying Temples, Chengde
Chengde City, Hebei Province
The Mountain Resort (the Qing dynasty's summer palace), in Hebei Province, was built between 1703 and 1792. It is a vast complex of palaces and administrative and ceremonial buildings.

Mountain Resort and its Outlying Temples, Chengde

Temples of various architectural styles and imperial gardens blend harmoniously into a landscape of lakes, pastureland and forests. In addition to its aesthetic interest, the Mountain Resort is a rare historic vestige of the final development of feudal society in China.

Temple and Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu
Qufu City, Shandong Province
The temple, cemetery and family mansion of Confucius, the great philosopher, politician and educator of the 6th–5th centuries B.C., are located at Qufu, in Shandong Province. Built to commemorate him in 478 B.C., the temple has been destroyed and reconstructed over the centuries; today it comprises more than 100 buildings.

Temple and Cemetery of Confucius

The cemetery contains Confucius' tomb and the remains of more than 100,000 of his descendants. The small house of the Kong family developed into a gigantic aristocratic residence, of which 152 buildings remain. The Qufu complex of monuments has retained its outstanding artistic and historic character due to the devotion of successive Chinese emperors over more than 2,000 years.

Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries
Sichuan Province
Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries, home to more than 30% of the world's highly endangered pandas, covers 924,500 ha with seven nature reserves and nine scenic parks in the Qionglai and Jiajin Mountains. The sanctuaries constitute the largest remaining contiguous habitat of the giant panda, a relict from the paleo-tropic forests of the Tertiary Era.

Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries

It is also the species' most important site for captive breeding. The sanctuaries are home to other globally endangered animals such as the red panda, the snow leopard and clouded leopard. They are among the botanically richest sites of any region in the world, outside the tropical rain forests, with between 5,000 and 6,000 species of flora in over 1,000 genera.

Mount Emei Scenic Area, including Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area
Eimeishan City, Sichuan Province
The first Buddhist temple in China was built here in Sichuan Province in the 1st century A.D. in the beautiful surroundings of the summit Mount Emei. The addition of other temples turned the site into one of Buddhism's holiest sites. Over the centuries, the cultural treasures grew in number.

Mount Emei Scenic Area

The most remarkable is the Giant Buddha of Leshan, carved out of a hillside in the 8th century and looking down on the confluence of three rivers. At 71 m high, it is the largest Buddha in the world. Mount Emei is also notable for its exceptionally diverse vegetation, ranging from subtropical to subalpine pine forests. Some of the trees there are more than 1,000 years old.

Mogao Caves
Dunhuang County, Gansu Province. At the eastern foot of Mount Mingsha, 25 kilometres southeast of the County

Mogao Caves

Situated at a strategic point along the Silk Route, at the crossroads of trade as well as religious, cultural and intellectual influences, the 492 cells and cave sanctuaries in Mogao are famous for their statues and wall paintings, spanning 1,000 years of Buddhist art.

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Chang Bai He Jia Huan Holiday Hotel Changchun; Changbaishan hotel Changchun; Changchun Duanzu Department Changchun; International Trade Hotel Changchun; Jilin Province Finance Building Changchun; Tianyaboke Apartment Changchun

Hunan Fowin Hotel Changsha

Jinjiang Inn Central Changzhou Xinfeng St. Changzhou

Chengdu Dreams International Youth Hostel Chengdu; Chengdu Hostel Sim's Cozy Guesthouse Backpackers Chengdu; Chengdu Sam's Guesthouse Chengdu; Chengdu Wenjun Mansion Hostel Chengdu; Dragon Town Backpackers' Guest House Chengdu; Holly's Hostel Chengdu; Jason's Nest Guest House Chengdu; Jinjiang Inn (N)Chengdu WenShuFang Chengdu; Jinjiang Inn South Chengdu Yulin Chengdu; Mix Hostel Chengdu Guesthouse Chengdu; Soma Hotel Chengdu; The Loft Hostel Chengdu; Xinglongyang Hotel Chengdu; Cathy's Property Chongqing; Jinjiang Inn Chongqing YangJiaPing Chongqing; Jinjiang Inn Northwest Chongqing Eling Park Chongqing

Guiyuanju Guesthouse Dali; Hotel 6 Dali; Huairen Hotel Dali; Jim's Tibetan Hotel Dali; Jinhua Hotel Dali; Old Dali Inn No. 5 Guesthouse Dali; San Ta Yuan Hotel Dali

Beiliang Hotel Dalian; Dalian Hongfu Trade Hotel Dalian; Dalian Norinco Hotel Dalian; Dalian Xinghaiwan Hotel Dalian; Golden Gulf Hotel Dalian; Jinjiang Inn Central Dalian Jiefang Rd Dalian; Qin Yuan Hotel Dalian; Sun Moon Lake Hotel Dalian; Time Inn Dalian

Your Inn Daocheng; Jinjiang Inn Dongguan Wanjiang Dongguan

Chundu Hotel Guangzhou; Fu Ho Hotel Guangzhou; GDH Inn (Tian He) Guangzhou; Guangwu Hotel Guangzhou; Guangzhou Baigong Hotel Guangzhou; Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Hotel Guangzhou; Guangzhou Guotai hotel Guangzhou; Guangzhou Haitao Hotel Guangzhou; Guangzhou Jinying Hotel Guangzhou; Guangzhou Shenzhou Hotel Guangzhou; Guangzhou Weijing Hotel Guangzhou; Huashi (GDH) Hotel Guangzhou; Jiaxin Hotel Guangzhou; Liuhua Hotel Guangzhou; Ocean Hotel Guangzhou Guangzhou; Pearl Garden Hotel Guangzhou; Shengdi Hotel Guangzhou; Wa King Town Hotel Guangzhou; Warm Yes Business hotel Guangzhou; Xianda Hotel Guangzhou Xiangjiang Hotel Guangzhou; Ziyuanjun Hotel Guangzhou

Gui Lin New Century Hotel Guilin; Guilin Backstreet Youth Hostel Guilin; Guilin Flowers Youth Hostel Guilin; Guilin Fubo Hotel Guilin; Guilin Oasis Inn Guilin; Guilin Snail Apartment-Sunny Business Guilin; Guilin Snail Guesthouse- Lijiang Garden Guilin; Guilin Xingji Guesthouse Guilin; Jing Xiu Hotel Guilin; Tailian Hotel Guilin

Haikou Youth Hostel Haikou; Hainan Civil Aviation Hotel Haikou

Hangzhou International Youth Hostel Hangzhou; Hangzhou West Lake Hotel Hangzhou; Harbour Hotel (Gangwan Hotel) Hangzhou; Jinjiang Inn (E)Hangzhou Xiaoshan RT-Mart Hangzhou; Jinjiang Inn Central Hangzhou Xihu Ave Hangzhou; MINGTOWN Garden Youth Hostel Hangzhou; Phoenix Youth Hostel Hangzhou

Guogeli Hotel Harbin; Harbin Little Fir Youth Hostel Harbin; Harbin Longgong Hotel Harbin; Harbin Xinghe Hotel Harbin; Jinjiang Inn Harbin Metro Harbin; Jinjiang Inn Harbin Sophia Plaza Harbin; Longdashanshui Business Hotel Harbin; Minfang Business Hotel Harbin; Power Hotel Harbin; Shengshi Nianhua Business Hotel Harbin; Yuanda business hotel Harbin

Guomai hotel Huangshan; HuangShan City Bed and Breakfast Huangshan; Huangshan Golf Hotel Huangshan; Huangshan Hongta Hotel Huangshan; Huangshan Hot Springs Youth Hostel Huangshan; Huangshan International Youth Hostel Huangshan; Huangshan Lotus Hotel Huangshan; Huangshan Oldstreet Hotel Huangshan; Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel Huangshan; Huangshan Yan An Hotel Huangshan; Huashan Hotel Huangshan; LanYuan Huangshan; Taoyuan Hotel Huangshan; Yungu Hotel Huangshan

Jiangyou International Grand Hotel Jiangyou; Jiangyou Minghua Hotel Jiangyou

Century Runhua Hotel Jinan; Huaneng hotel Jinan; Jinan Fuhua Hotel Jinan; Jindu Hotel Jinan; Jinjiang Inn Central Jinan Daminghu Jinan; Longdu Hotel Jinan; Nianjiao Hotel Jinan; Shungeng Hillview Hotel Jinan; Silver plaza quancheng hotel Jinan; Sun of city hotel Jinan; Yizheng Hotel Jinan; Yuquan Simpson Hotel Jinan

YouU Hostel Jiu Zhai Gou

Jiujiang Zhongjing Holiday Hotel Jiujiang

Freestay 365 Kunming; Kunming Cloudland Youth Hostel Kunming; Ma Jia Shi Hotel Kunming; The Hump Hostel Kunming; Yi-YaSunkm Inn Kunming

Jinjiang Inn Shanghai Int'l Racing Circuit Kunshan

Phuntsok Khasang International Youth Hostel Lhasa

Daba Hotel Lijiang; De Feng Inn Lijiang; Farerdak Guesthouse Lijiang; Grand Lijiang Hotel Lijiang; Jiquanhui Guesthouse Lijiang; Lishui Yuan Lijiang; Maoyuan Naxi Hostel Lijiang; Nanmen Hotel Lijiang; Old Town Garden Resort Lijiang; Sanhe Hotel Lijiang; Wang Gu Cheng Inn Lijiang; Luoyang Guesthouse Luoyang; Luoyang Yaju Apartment Luoyang; Luoyang Youth Hostel Luoyang; Mingyuan Youth Hostel Luoyang; New Jianlong Hotel Luoyang

Xiaoxia Hotel Lushan

Teddy Bear Hotel Mt.Emei

Jiangxi Huacai Hotel Nanchang; Jingdi Business Hotel Nanchang; Nanchang Jinyue Hotel Nanchang; Nanchang Mingyuan Hotel Nanchang; Yinlong Hotel Nanchang

Jinjiang Inn (S)Nanjing Zhonghuamen Nanjing; Jinjiang Inn Central Nanjing Chaotiangong Nanjing; Jinjiang Inn Nanjing Zhongyangmen Nanjing; Jinjiang Inn Northwest Nanjing Xiaguan Nanjing; Jinjiang Inn South Nanjing Mochouhu Nanjing; Nanjing Danfeng International Hotel Nanjing; Nanjing Fuzimiao International Youth Hostel Nanjing; Paradise Hotel Nanjing

Jinjiang Inn South Ningbo Maidelong Rd. Ningbo

JinJingLou Hotel Pingyao; PingYao Harmony Backpacker Guesthouse Pingyao; Pingyao Yide Hotel Pingyao; Tian Yuan Kui Hotel Pingyao; Yamen Hostel Pingyao; Zhengjia Hotel Pingyao

Huayuan Hotel Qingdao; Ocean & Mountain Home-Hotel Qingdao; Qingdao Champs Elysees Business Hotel Qingdao; Qingdao Garden Hotel Qingdao; Qingdao Kaiyue International Youth Hostel Qingdao; Xindi Hotel Qingdao

Rizhao Bibo hotel Rizhao

Bage Inn Sanya; Sanya Blue Sky International Youth Hostel Sanya; SanYa City Central Youth Hostel Sanya; Sanya Eagle Backpackers Hostel Sanya; Sanya Fourseasons Homel Sanya; Sanya Haiyi Guesthouse Sanya; Songtaoge Inn Sanya

24k Hotel Fuzhou Rd Shanghai; 24k Hotel Weihai Rd. Shanghai; 24k Hotel Wuzhong Rd Shanghai; 24k Hotel Xinhui Rd. Shanghai; Bang Chen Riverview Service Apartment Shanghai; Bao Long Homelike Hotel (Hong Qiao) Shanghai; Bao Long Homelike Hotel (Zhongshan) Shanghai; Captain Hostel Shanghai; Captain Hostel - Zhangyang Branch Shanghai; Changhang Hotel Shanghai; Fellow Motel Shanghai; Ganyuan Hotel Shanghai; Golden Island Hotel Shanghai; Hanbo Hotel Shanghai; HengSheng Peninsula Int'l Serviced Apartment Shanghai; Home Inn Ouyang Rd. Shanghai; Home Inns hotel Xu Jia Hui Shanghai; Huaying Hufang Hotel Shanghai; J's Guest House Shanghai; Jinjaing Inn (E)Shanghai Executive Leader Academy Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn (N)Shanghai Hutai Rd Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Central Shanghai Jiaozhou Rd Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn East Shanghai Century Park Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn North Shanghai Hongkou Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn North Shanghai Coach Station Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn North Shanghai Gonghexin Rd Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Northeast Shanghai North Sichuan Rd. Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Northeast Shanghai Siping Rd Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Northwest Shanghai Wuning Rd Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Northwest Shanghai Zhenbei Rd. Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Shanghai by the Bund Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Shanghai East China Normal University Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Shanghai Jinjiang Park Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Shanghai Longcao Rd Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Shanghai Pudong Int'l Airport Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Shanghai South Hongmei Rd. Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Shanghai Suzhou Creek Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Southwest Shanghai Caobao Rd Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Southwest Shanghai Staduim Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Southwest Shanghai Xinsong Rd Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn Southwest Shanghai Xinzhuang Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn West Shanghai Anshun Rd Shanghai; Jinjiang Inn West Shanghai Changning Rd Shanghai; Koala International Youth Hostel Shanghai; Le Tour Shanghai Youth Hostel Shanghai; Li Du Hotel Shanghai; Li Du Service Apartment Shanghai; Ling Long Hotel Shanghai; Meiliyuan Hotel Shanghai; MINGTOWN Etour Youth Hostel Shanghai; MINGTOWN Hiker Youth Hostel Shanghai; New Jinjiang Business&Travel Hotel Shanghai Mengzi Shanghai; Oriental City Hotel Shanghai; Qian Dao Hu Hotel Shanghai; Shanghai Astronautics Hotel Shanghai; Shanghai City Central Youth Hostel (Utels) Shanghai; Shanghai Dong Shi Hotel Shanghai; Shanghai Ecotypic Holiday Apartment Shanghai; Shanghai Guest House Shanghai; Shanghai Jin Jiang Y.M.C.A Hotel Shanghai; Shanghai Maggie International Youth Hostel Shanghai; Shanghai Magnotel by Jingjiang Inn Shanghai; Shanghai Metropole Hotel Shanghai; Shanghai Pujiang YH Shanghai; Shanghai Sheng Xian Ju Hotel Shanghai; Small World Hotel Shanghai; Villas Hotel Shanghai; Yesinn Shanghai

Dragoncloud Guesthouse Shangri-la; Holy Palace Hotel Shangri-la

Jinjiang Inn Central Shaoxing Shengli Rd Shaoxing

Great national hotel Shenyang; Haiyue City Plaza Hotel Shenyang; Huihualou Business Hotel Shenyang; Ideal Business hotel Shenyang; Jinjiang Inn (W)Shenyang (N)Xinggong St. Shenyang; Jinjiang Inn West Shenyang Beiling Shenyang; Jinke Hotel Shenyang; Lanhua Hotel Shenyang; Liaoning hotel Shenyang; Rongfu Hotel Shenyang; Shenyang City Central Youth Hostel Shenyang; Shenyang Guesthouse Shenyang; Shenyang Rose Hotel Shenyang; Shenyang Worldstar International Hotel Shenyang

7 Days Inn Huaqiang Shenzhen; Anshine Hotel Shenzhen; GDH Inn (Xiang Mi Hu) Shenzhen; My Little Hut Shenzhen; Shenzhen Hedong Hotel Shenzhen; Shenzhen LOFT International YH Shenzhen; Vienna Hotel Shenzhen Airport Shenzhen

Jinjiang Inn Shijiazhuang Ping'an St. Shijiazhuang

Home Inn Shizilin Suzhou; Jin Han Lin Supre8 Hotel Suzhou; Jinjiang Inn North Suzhou Amusement Park Suzhou; Jinjiang Inn Suzhou West Fengqiao Tayuan Rd Suzhou; Suzhou International Youth Hostel Suzhou; Suzhou Youth Hostel Suzhou

Cairnhill Hotel Tianjin; Jinjiang Inn (S)Tianjin Int'l Exhibition Centre Tianjin Jinjiang Inn Tianjin Tanggu Tianjin; Yuanyang hotel Tianjin

Guangming Huayuan Hotel Weihai; Qiming Holiday Hotel Weihai; Weihai International Commerial Affairs Building Weihai

WuHan Pathfinder international Youth hostel Wuhan; Jinjiang Inn Central Wuhu Wuyi Square Wuhu

Wtshrine Hotel Wutai Mountain

Jinjiang Inn (W) Wuxi (E) Yunhe Rd Wuxi; Jinjiang Inn Central Wuxi Liangqing Rd Wuxi; Jinjiang Inn Central Wuxi Railway Station Wuxi; Jinjiang Inn Southeast Wuxi Xueqian Wuxi

7 Sages hostel Xi'an; Bell Tower Youth Hostel Xi'an; Bob`s Guesthouse Xi'an; Canaan Hotel Xi'an; Canaan International Hotel Xi'an; City Hotel Xi'an; Fukang Inn Xi'an; Han Tang Inn International Youth Hostel Xi'an; Jie Fang Hotel Xi'an; Ludao Hostel Xi'an; Northwest Civil Aviation Plaza Xi'an; Shaan Xi Wen Yuan Hotel Xi'an; Shenpeng Hotel Xi'an; Xi'an Fenghe Int'l Youth Hostel Xi'an; Xi'an Shuyuan International Youth Hostel Xi'an

Overseas Tibetan Hotel Xiahe; Tara Guest House Xiahe

Bay View Inn Xiamen; Jinjiang Inn Central Xiamen Songbai Xiamen; New Era Garden Serviced Apartment Xiamen; Xiamen Gulangyu International Youth Hostel Xiamen; XiaMen International Youth Hostel Xiamen

Jinjiang Inn Central Xinchang Central Gushan Rd. Xinchang

Qinghai Huade Hotel Xining; Qinghai Sangzhu Youth Hostel Xining; Super Leisure Hotel Xining; Xiliang Inn Xining

Xinjiang Shenghui Youth Hostel Xinjiang

Yintong Building Xishuangbanna

Sweet Hotel Yangshuo; Water Buffalo Guesthouse Yangshuo; Weststreet Youth Hostel Yangshuo; Yangshuo Backstreet Youth Hostel Yangshuo; Yangshuo Culture House Yangshuo; Yangshuo Happy Hotel Yangshuo; Yangshuo Outside Inn Yangshuo; Yangshuo Xijie Hotel Yangshuo; Yangshuo Xinlong Hotel Yangshuo; Jinjiang Inn Central Yangzhou Siwangting Rd Yangzhou

Oriental Ocean Hotel Yantai; Shandong Pacific Hotel Yantai Yantai Hongkou Hotel Yantai Yantai International Youth Hostel Yantai; Yantai Yizhong Hotel Yantai

Pipaxi Hotel Zhangjiajie

Jinjiang Inn North Zhengzhou Hongqi Rd. Zhengzhou

Jinjiang Inn Central Zhuji(Xishi Hometown) Zhuji

Zibo Hotel Zibo


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